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shrimp, guacamole and refried bean tacos – fresh, flavorful and colorful

These Shrimp, Guacamole and Refried Bean Tacos are filling, fresh, and full of flavor. The shrimp is seasoned beautifully, and the homemade guacamole adds a refreshing touch. Keep this guacamole recipe for an appetizer at any party. This recipe was inspired by a similar recipe at This recipe is gluten free and dairy free. Continue reading

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mexican chicken salad – giving a chicken salad lunch a latin twist

In an effort to spice up my husband’s lunch items, we have come up with a colorful Mexican Chicken Salad served over a bed of lettuce and a side of tortilla chips and garnished with avocado. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. I heard about how great this combination was the entire week. For weekday ease, we used a gluten free store cooked Rotisserie chicken. This recipe uses a dairy free Sour Cream alternative called Sour Supreme by Tofutti. If dairy isn’t an issue, your everyday sour cream will do perfectly. This recipe is gluten free and dairy free as written.

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kale and manchego frittata with roasted potatoes – a mouthwatering egg dish perfect for brunch or dinner

If we can get kale into anything, we will. This Kale and Manchego Frittata with Roasted Potatoes dish is flavorful to boot, and really highlights the creamy, buttery, sheep’s milk. Serve alongside roasted potatoes for a complete meal, or simply use either for your next brunch gathering. Dash on some hot sauce over the potatoes while serving to add another layer to the meal. We have adapted this recipe from RealSimple magazine. This recipe is gluten free and cow’s milk free. Continue reading

a temporary hiatus – the posts should return soon

Ourgfreelife is calling my name and I will be back sharing recipes and reviews soon! I would like to explain and apologize for my month long hiatus. Due to moving homes and our computer giving up on us, I have not had the ability to share my gluten free goodies with you all. I have been cooking away the last few weeks in our new kitchen, taking lots of pictures and notes to share.  We even spent some time in Newport, Rhode Island at some absolutely delicious gluten free friendly establishments which we will review as well!

So bear with me as I get things in working order here and I promise to entice you with some mouthwatering Autumn recipes upon my blogosphere return!


chicken and shrimp fried rice – a bounty of delicious ingredients in one bowl

In an effort to clean out our pantry and refrigerator before we move, I came up with a delicious chicken and shrimp fried rice. Filled with onions, mushrooms, edamame, pineapple, peanuts, scallions and cilantro this dish contains a little bit of everything. Using just a few ingredients, a gluten free soy sauce, chili garlic sauce and sesame oil brings the dish together for a delicious bowl of fried rice. This dish is gluten free and dairy free.

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new jersey italian hot dogs – change up your bbq with these tasty hot dog toppings

We love nothing more than delicious and fun hot dog and hamburger toppings. Forget ketchup and mustard, these New Jersey Italian Hot Dogs are topped in seasoned and grilled onions, potatoes and peppers. This topping is basically a delicious side dish, on the hot dog. This recipe can easily be doubled or trippled for big crowds. All the cooking can be done on a grill, and we used a 12 3/4 x 9 x 1 3/4 disposable foil pan covered with foil to grill the vegetables. Serve with gluten free hot dogs (read those labels!) on gluten free buns (Rudi’s are great for this meal) and enjoy! We have adapted this recipe from Taste of Home magazine. This recipe is gluten free and dairy free.

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baked tilapia fiesta tacos – a healthy twist on fun and tasty fish tacos

Forget the frying, it isn’t even necessary for these fish tacos. The cornmeal encrusted  baked Tilapia will give you that “fried” texture in this Baked Tilapia Fiesta Tacos dish. Add on all your favorite Tex-Mex toppings with Southwestern black beans, tomatoes, cabbage, salsa verde and cilantro. Serve with a twist of lime to accent the fish. Using many prepared items, this dish is easy to make, for when time is of the essence. This dish is gluten free and dairy free. If dairy is not an issue, skim milk can be substituted. We have adapted this recipe from the Taste of Home magazine.

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gluten free dairy free blueberry cobbler – perfect for those fresh picked sweet blueberries

After picking some fresh blueberries at the local pick-your-own farm, a blueberry cobbler was a must. This blueberry cobbler is sweet, with just enough of a crunchy biscuit topping, and a touch of brightness from lemon extract. We made this gluten free blueberry cobbler dairy free by using Earth Balance vegan buttery spread, but real butter will work fine here as well. We used leftover Artisan GF Flour Blend from our scones, and the consistency worked great for the topping. We have adapted this flour blend from Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking by Peter and Kelli Bronski. Make this blueberry cobbler for dessert, and serve warm. If you love a la mode or with whipped topping, it could only make this dessert even better.

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asian pork burgers with minted watermelon cucumber salad – flavorful spicy burgers contrasts a cool refreshing salad

This Asian Pork Burger recipe is full of flavor seasoned with chili garlic sauce, soy sauce and garlic, and garnished with grilled onions. Contrast the heat in the burger with a refreshing Minted Watermelon Cucumber Salad for a complete meal. Easy to make, this recipe has been adapted from This recipe is gluten free and dairy free.

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grilled tilapia, corn and andoullie sausage – cook this smoky flavorful meal in easy grill packets

The ease of this Grilled Tilapia, Corn and Andoullie Sausage meal along with the smoky heat and flavor, make this meal perfect for grilling on a work night. Each portion is cooked in its own grill packet, ready to be plated and served immediately. The oregano and the sausage flavor the corn and the fish to bring the meal together. This recipe is adapted from This recipe is gluten free and dairy free. Make sure to check the sausage ingredients to ensure no gluten or dairy are used in the making.

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